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Signs That Show You Need a Root Canal Therapy

Signs That Show You Need a Root Canal Therapy

Posted by DR. ESCOBAR on Sep 16 2022, 06:46 AM

If your dentist has determined that you need root canal therapy, it’s because your tooth has become infected. The infection is caused by bacteria, which enter the tooth when an injury or deep cavity exposes the pulp. The pulp becomes irritated and inflamed. It can begin to die.

As bacteria multiply, the inflammation spreads, eventually reaching the tooth’s roots. The roots become infected, too. This causes pain.

Root canal therapy removes the infection. The problem tooth is extracted or removed. Then, the roots and pulp are removed. The emptied tooth is cleaned and sealed.

There are a number of signs that show you need a root canal:

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be caused by a number of different factors, but tooth pain can also be a sign of decay and the need for root canal therapy. If you’ve been experiencing tooth pain, bring it to the attention of your dental team. They can help you determine the cause of the pain and whether you’ll benefit from the procedure.

Tooth Sensitivity

A root canal can improve tooth sensitivity by getting rid of the part of the tooth that is causing the sensitivity.

Tooth Abscess

Many patients relate a toothache to an earache or a headache, but the truth is that toothaches can be even more painful. When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, it can lead to an abscessed tooth, which can then cause significant pain.

Tooth Decay

Root canal therapy may be indicated if you have tooth decay. You may also need a root canal if your dentist notices a crack, chip, or other damage to a tooth.

A root canal requires the removal of the pulp and nerves inside a tooth. The inside of the tooth is then cleaned and sealed. After removing the nerves, the tooth will no longer feel hot or cold sensations. For this reason, a root canal is recommended if the tooth is in an area where the dentist cannot properly restore it with a crown, such as a back tooth.

A crown is used on teeth that have had root canal therapy. While a crown cannot repair the damage to the tooth, it can prevent further decay and damage.

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is a very serious condition. The fracture is usually severe enough to cause serious discomfort or pain, and you need to have it addressed as soon as possible.

If the fracture is not addressed, the fragment can become lodged in your gums or jawbone, which may require a surgical procedure to extract it.

If you are suffering from a painful tooth or jaw, contact our office right away.

Darkened Gums

If your gums are severely darkened, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist might recommend a deep cleaning or dental bleaching treatment to restore your healthy, bright smile.

Tooth Discoloration

Discoloration, especially if it is extreme, can be a sign that you need root canal therapy. Discoloration often appears on the crowns of teeth, but it can occur on any area of a tooth. If you notice dark or discolored spots on your teeth, contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain often occurs after a root canal or dental procedure. This pain occurs because of inflammation of the sinuses. A root canal treatment is needed because bacteria has infected the pulp. The only way to remove the infected pulp is through a root canal treatment.

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