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At Stone Lake Dentistry in Cypress, TX 77429, we offer SureSmile dental treatment for our patients so that their teeth move to a desired position more precisely than ever before. With SureSmile’s precise treatment plan, you will be on your way to a beautiful, aligned smile. You will also be spending less time in dental offices as compared to traditional orthodontic treatment.

What Is SureSmile?

SureSmile is an innovative method for straightening teeth by combining the best aspects of traditional braces with modern technology. The SureSmile technique uses orthodontic archwires that are tailored to fit the patient's teeth. Dr. Christian Escobar employs SureSmile to create the wires using three-dimensional images, computer software, and a sophisticated robot. We work to give our patients the most customized finishing wires available.

What Is the Process Involved In SureSmile?

The scanning procedure is the first step in your braces treatment. SureSmile technology creates a 3D digital model of your teeth using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). This scan will be used as a blueprint to better analyze your teeth's orientation, position, and roots. Every angle inside your mouth becomes observable. This alerts Dr. Christian Escobar to any potential bone, teeth, nerves, and soft tissue issues.

SureSmile technology creates a precise digital image that we can use to develop your treatment plan, showing you exactly how your teeth will progress throughout treatment. You will know the exact outcome that could help ease many of your anxieties associated with the new technology.

The process continues with the fixing of the metal brackets. A straight wire will then be inserted through the metal brackets, which will cause a little movement of your teeth. Dr. Christian Escobar will then rework the model and design a computer-generated bite. This virtual bite is then sent to a robot that will then bend the precise measurements into your wire at exceptionally high temperatures.

Once your Suresmile wire is fabricated, we will replace the other wire with the new Suresmile wire into your brackets. This wire is called Smart Memory Alloy, and once it is placed in your mouth, it will heat your body temperature and begin to move your teeth.


SureSmile has the latest in the advanced technology used to create a perfect smile in less time. You will not only be fascinated by the results but relieved by how quickly and easily it works. If you want to renovate your smile, contact our office, Stone Lake Dentistry in Cypress, TX 77429, to set up an appointment and learn more about SureSmile Treatment.



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